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September 2014
*Duke Energy Catches the Eye of Politicians* Data Breach at Home Depot* Beautiful Floor Plans* Boone to Savannah*
July 2014
*Dreams Come True* Property Management Survey Results* Barry's Model Bridges*
June 2014
*US Government Wants To Ease Arrivals* Sales and Tourist Development Taxes* Washington to Boone*
May 2014
*Vacation Bill Passes* Move Over Laws Updated* Car Seats Now Required* Letters* Dulles to Kissimmee* Florida Pete Recalls part 3*
April 2014
*Vacation Rental Bill Amended Before Passage* Brighthouse Networks - Guest Vulnerability* Florida Pete Recalls part 2* Car hire changes*
March 2014
*Another Record Year for Florida Tourism* Florida Pete Recalls...* Letters * Car Hire Changes*
February 2014
*Vacation Rental Law in the Spotlight* Behind the scenes at FH and T* Kathleen Harpham Recalls...* Letters*
December 2013
*Quiet Storm Season* Letters* Index of 2013*
November 2013
*Vacation Rentals Back Under Local Control* Former Governor Crist Running Again* Gadgets Given Green Light for Flights* Travel Insurance Policies* Letters*
October 2013
*High Speed Travel Miami to Orlando* Federal Government Shutdown* MLS Soccer Stadium Approved* National Naval Aviation Museum 50th Anniversary*
September 2013
*Disney Area Time-Share Hit By Sinkhole* Flood Insurance Gets Real* British Boy Saves Live in Florida* Ripley's Believe It or Not!* A Bit of an Adventure...' 10 Years On...*
July 2013
*New HOA Law Claims First Scalp* City of Winter Park* Letters* Looking Back*
June 2013
*Record Fine for Insurer* Letters & Queries* Raga* The Final Word - Wildlife*
May 2013
*Congress Acts on Flight Delays* MCO Plans for Expansion* Active Storm Season Forecast* Legislative Update* Texas Roadhouse* The Final Word - Expectations of Management Companies*
April 2013
*International Driving Permits Nearly Finished* Sequestration Delays* Restuarant Updates* The Final Word - Owning in Naples*
March 2013
*IDP's Make Global News* Letters* Manatee Spotting* The Final Say - Try a Cruise*
February 2013
*International Driving Permits now required in Florida* Letters* US Tax Changes and new ITIN procedures* Upcoming Events* The Final Say - setting rental prices*
December 2012
*Voting Flaws Cause Delay * Mortgage Settlement* Hurricane Season*
November 2012
*Good News from the USA?* Security Flaw in Boarding Passes* Earl K Wood* Money Transfers* Flight Delays*
October 2012
*Brits a Declining Force in Florida Housing Sales* Hamilton Drive* Florida to the White House and Back* Uncle Kennys BBQ*
September 2012
*Storm Season to Worsen before Improving* Housing Data* Car Hire News* Cautionary Tales* Views from the Forum* The Counter*
July 2012
*Debby Strikes*The State of the Nation's Housing* International Sales Reports * Views from the Forum* The West Orange Trail* July & August Diary*
June 2012
*Annual Property Management Survey* Loyalty/Villas/Forum* Mount Dora* June Diary*
May 2012
*Below Average Hurricane Season Predicted* Crime* Home Improvement* Blue Springs* Restaurant Review*
April 2012
*Bumper Season Predicted* Budget + Sunpass = Caution* Flood Maps Redrawn* Sunshine Skyway* Home Improvements* Colonial Spanish* Food Bites*
March 2012
Lots of very interesting things...
February 2012
*Annual Survey Time Again * Trip Wheels Launches* Wiring Money From Florida* Termites* Home Improvements* 60th Anniversary of Sebring*
December 2011
*SeaWorld's New Attractions* Iconic Ride to Close* Withdrawing Your Home Sales Funds* Wiring Money From Florida* Q3 Home Sales*
November 2011
*Derick Coles Pleads Guilty* Banks Encourage Owners Out with $$'s* County by County Property Tax Comparison* Wallet Friendly Animal Encounters in Tampa* Selling up*
October 2011
*Happy 40th at Walt Disney World*Orlando International is 30* Long Term Rentals*
September 2011
*New Flood Maps Change Risk for Florida Homeowners* Q2 Home Sales* Golden Oak* Paperwork*
July 2011
Universal Vacations Takes over Florida Choice Naples* Marketing Your Home* Florida EcoSafaris* Pay Collect*
June 2011
*21st Annual Property Management Survey* Florida Choice Closes* Q1 Home Sales * Pool Drain Cover Recall* Choosing a Management Company*
May 2011
Vacation Rental Bill Passed* The Disney Effect* Closing and getting Started* Kelly Park - Rock Springs* Legislative Update* Sunpass*
April 2011
*Royal Development Sentences* Vacation Rentals to be Recognised?* Q 4 Home Sales* Mortgages, Forex and Fine Tuning* WDW is 40 - we look back to before the parks...* April Diary*
March 2011
*Plea Deal Brings 9 Years for Visa Fraud* Cities Face Up To STR Issues* Choosing Your Professionals* *Insurance Bill 408* Dining & Diary*
February 2011
*Governor Rick Scott Gets Straight Down To Work* Early Stages of Recovery?*It's All About Location* Senate Insurance Bill 408*Spirit of the Swamp*
December 2010
*CPSC Proposes Change to Pool Safety Rules* Drywall Judgments* Q3 Home Sales* Visitor Numbers* Champion Villas II* New Attractions at Disney World*
November 2010
*Crown Currency Exchange* Electronic Tolling Update* Safe Currency Exchange* Profile, Champion Villas* Garbage and Bed Bugs*
October 2010
*Wyndham Acquires ResortQuest* Foreclosure Frauds* Electronic Tolling* Soar Like an Eagle* Profile, Universal Vacations III*
September 2010
*Race for Governor 2010* 2nd Quarter Home Sales* Stepping off the beaten path* Profile, Universal Vacations II*
July 2010
Annual Property Management Survey 2010* Gulf Oil Disaster * Urgent Action* Profile, Universal Vacations I* Bonefish Grill*
June 2010
*Deteriorating Picture in the Gulf* 1st Quarter Home Sales* Safety Recalls* Celebration* Profile, Florida Dream Homes* Thai Thani*
May 2010
*The Law Catches Them in the End* Legislative Session* Sanaa* Profile, Florida Dream Homes* Wekiwa Springs* Ash Cloud*
April 2010
*Chinese Drywall Homes Require Gutting* Credit Cards* Feedback* Profile, VIP Vacations* Mount Dora Day Trip* Letters*
March 2010
*SeaWorld Death* Homeowners Blamed for Failure of Company* Lennar Acquires Former TOUSA Properties* Travel Promotion Act* Q4 Home Sales* Useful Gizmos* Florida's Natural Attractions II*
February 2010
*Let it Snow* High Speed Rail Link a Reality* Legoland Replaces Cypress Gardens* Feedback* Florida's Natural Attractions I* Tech Corner*
December 2009
*BA Staff Set to Disrupt Christmas Travel* Q3 Home Sales* Product Recalls* Visitor Numbers Drop* Marriott History*
November 2009
*Busch Entertainment Sold To Blackstone* The City of Poinciana Seems Unlikely* Pow-Wows, Plantations and the Prince* Fraud* Letters*
October 2009
*Cypress Gardens Closes Again* BA Charges for Seating Allocation* Travel Insurance* Drilling for Oil?* Disney's Largest Expansion* Real Estate Market* The Wizarding World of Harry Potter*
September 2009
*Tragic Summer at Disney World* Deadline for Drywall review* 2Q Home Values* Whose Twittering* Prepaid Currency Card* Contesting Flood Zone* The Daytona 500 Revisited*
July 2009
*Car Hire Complaints * Forex Trading the fun way* Legislation under consideration* Naples part 2* Pointe Orlando* Davenport Man gets 5 Years*
June 2009
*Election 2010* ESTA Delayed* Hurricane Season 2009* Q1 Home Sales* Annual Survey* Naples part 1*
May 2009
*Swine Flu* March Home Sales* Walking Away from your home* Community Associations Bill 714* Legislative Session 2009*
April 2009
*Welcome USA Tours* Carol Vorderman* Q4 Home prices* Coral Castle* Retiring to Florida II*
March 2009
*Insurance Woes Continue* Owners Woes Likewise* Bok Tower at 80* Retiring to Florida*
February 2009
*20 Years Old! * Credit Cards Compromised * Choosing Florida Contractors* Deed Protection from Quit Claim Scam*
December 2008
*Home Sales Rise * Fears Grow for Missing Money* ESTA feetback* Foreclosures and Short Sales* Quit Claim Scams* Manny's Chop House*
November 2008
*Car Hire Prices* Sub-Contractor Liens* Winter Garden* NASA's 50th Anniversary* The Coral Reef Restaurant*
October 2008
*Travel City Direct* Homebuyers File Civil Cases* Halloween Tricks and Treats* Finding Tradesmen* Epcot Food and Wine Festival*
September 2008
*Amendment 5* B2 Visas* A Different Journey* Scams*
July 2008
*Flip-Flop Crist* HOA's and Community Management* Electronic System for Travel Authorisation* Cafe Tu Tu Tango*
June 2008
*Hurrican Season 2008* Flyglobespan endangers passengers* 1st Quarter Home Prices* Mosquitoes* Capricorn Cove* Villa Listing Websites* The Bungalow*
May 2008
*Homeowners Bill of Rights* Confidence Drops Further* Captial Gains Tax* Termites* 411 Boat Rental* Memories of India*
April 2008
*Tax Reform?*Average Insurance Quotes* Mortgage Refinance* Vineyard Tours* Vacation Card Services* Texas de Brazil restaurant review*
March 2008
*Flawed Construction* Weiker Arrested* 4th Quarter Home Prices* Currency Exchange* Orlando Science Center* Cheap Flight Searches* The Dessert Lady*
February 2008
*Amendment 1 Passed* Real Estate Groups Failing* Subscriber Services* Key West Express* Tax Issues*
December 2007
*£-$ Is a Mixed Blessing* Property Tax Vote In Doubt* 3rd Quarter Home Prices* Lights, Camera, Location* HOA's* Florida Gardens* Holiday Fun*
November 2007
*The Fight is On!* Osceola - Epicenter of Foreclosures* Property Taxes* Small Claims* Old Fashioned Fun in Florida*
October 2007
*Cornerstone of Tax Relief Thrown Out* Marco Island Rentals* Water Sports* Lake Conway* The Legen of Spook Hill*
September 2007
*The Law Catches Them Up In the End* Exploring a Secret Florida* Home Inspections* Florida in the 21st Century*
July 2007
*Property Taxes cut?* Crime Wave Denied* Florida Wills* Travel Insurance for over 70's* Church Street Station*
June 2007
*Annual Property Management Survey* Hurricanes 2007* Salt Water Swimming Pools* After Emigration* The London Symphony Orchestra & Florida International Festival*
May 2007
*Legislature Fails on Property Taxes* Long Term Rentals (conclusion)* Online Grocery Shopping* Island Of Bones (conclusion)*
April 2007
*Insurance Companies Fail to Deliver* New Water Park at SeaWorld* Renting My Villa Long Term (part 2)* Importing Goods* Islands of Bones (part 3)*
March 2007
Exclusive Statement from Governor Crist* Illegal Gates at Lakewood Ranch* Preliminary Tourism Figures* Renting my villa on a long term let (part 1)* Island of Bones (part 2)
February 2007
*The State of the Rental Market* Governor Crist takes his oath* Keith Harpham - Tributes* Review of Home Prices in 2006*
December 2006
*Crist is Governor* Cape Canaveral Bans STR's* Snow in Florida* 3rd Quarter Home Prices* Island of Bones*
November 2006
*Citizens Sheds Second Homes* Mobile Phones* Exploring Florida's Great Outdoors* The CFPMA*
October 2006
*Vacation Home Study* Why Choose the CFPMA*EB-5 Visas* Halloween Horrors* Theme Park News*
September 2006
*Troubled Yvonne's Closes Doors* Polk County Seal* Car Ownership* 2nd Quarter Home Prices* Another Way To Go*
July 2006
*Tropical Storm Alberto* Insurance Rises Continue* Property Trends 2006* St Petes Beach* Fun Quiz Answers*
June 2006
*Survey 2006* Yvonne's Lawsuit* Reaching New Markets* The Mighty Oriskany* Fun Quiz*
May 2006
*Impact Fees on Rise Again* Save Our Homes - Study* Flywho* Postbag* Where Are They*
April 2006
*Lawmakers Look To Second Homes* New Disney Road Opens*Letter to Senator Garcia*Postbag*Beach Enders*
March 2006
*Inland Revenue - A Cautionary Tale* Worldwide Medical Cover*4th Quarter Home Prices*Tribute To Freddie Laker*
February 2006
Competition and BA Vouchers* Thinking about Selling* The Silver Surfer* Space Odyssey*
December 2005
*EPassports* Homes* Insurance* 3rd Quarter Home Prices* Pool Safety* Florida To New England part 3*
November 2005
*Open for Business*Florida Visitor Trends 2004*The Hard Truth*Diversification?* Florida To New England part 2 *
October 2005
*A Shocking Season* Property Trends For 2006* Foreign Currency Exchange* Florida To New England*
September 2005
*A Record Season* Is The Bubble About To Burst* Visitor Trends*Capital Gains Tax*Off To See The Fall Colour*
July 2005
*Joint July and August Issue* U.S. Concedes to Demands* Early 2005 Visitor Numbers*
June 2005
*Hurricane Season Commences* Polk County Road Developement* New Style Driving Licenses* Villa Tax Unconstitutional*
May 2005
*Florida Driving Licences* Florida - Third Largest State*Home Opportunities*
April 2005
*Villa Tax?* Biometric Deadline - delayed?* Poinciana Parkway Planned* Travel Insurance*
March 2005
*Visitors to Florida in 2004* Passports - A Lifeline* Insurance News* Fine Dining*
February 2005
*Formosa Wakes Up To The Western Beltway* Insurance News* Year End Home Prices*