Travel Insurance

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Travel Insurance is an absolute necessity when travelling anywhere - bust most particularly when travelling to the U.S. Medical costs are so high there, that even a check up at the doctors can run in to several hundreds of Dollars.

Travel Insurance providers are regulated by the Financial Services Association and must display the correct logo on all of their paperwork.

For insurance purposes, travellers are grouped in to age bands: Children age 2 - 18, Adults 19 - 64, 64-69, 70-74, and 75-79. Many providers will cut off at this point - or even before.
Then the premiums are guided by world destinations - again, grouped into bands: Europe, Worldwide excluding USA/Canada, Worldwide including USA/Canada and Australia/New Zealand.

Next, the premiums are subdivided into length of cover. Anything from a few days to a full annual policy. It can often be more economical to obtain a full annual policy, which will offer you cover every time you take a trip away from home throughout the year, rather than the minimum number of days you require for your actual trip.
You can obtain individual, couple, or family cover - but check that if you take couple or family cover that all members are covered if travelling individually, this is usually the case, but it is worth checking. Taking couple or family cover if appropriate is more economical than individual cover.

Policies vary greatly in the level of financial cover, and it is important to take this into account when comparing prices. Also check the terms of your home insurance. Many home insurance policies actually provide cover for valuables or personal items when travelling away from home on terms that may be preferential to that provided by travel insurance. Also check the terms of your private medical insurance - a few policies do offer medical insurance while travelling. If you have these facilities, then really you taking travel insurance for travel delays and lesser items and you could possibly take a less comprehensive policy.

For the older traveller it can be very frustrating when the mainstream insurance providers begin closing doors on cover, but there are options available.

P J Hayman offer an annual policy that includes trips of up to 60 days within its Premier policy and that can be extended for 90 days for an additional premium. The upper age limit to this policy is 74 yrs. 023 924 1050

Age Concern can arrange a single trip policy for up to 90 days with no upper age limit. 0845 601 2234

Travellers with pre-existing medical conditions may like to try Free Spirit for cover. This policy is run by P J Hayman and can provide both single trip or annual policies. 0845 230 5000

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